Saturday, May 5, 2012

Super Moon back again in 2012, on 5 May

If you missed it last year, Super Monday is back for an encore performance.

Saturday, 05/05/2012 Monday will be 14% higher and 30% brighter than other full moon of the year 2012, according to NASA.

This is because it will achieve "perigee", its point closest to the Earth in its elliptical orbit, at 10:34 PM, will be complete only one minute later. When the moon is in its orbital point closest to the Earth, Earth largjesia - Monday trimmed with some 50,000 kilometers. The expected effects are only some higher tides and amazing photographs.

It will be a wonderful sight if the weather continues to be good and open sky of clouds. The moon will appear with great and be bright when near the horizon.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Leonardo Da Vinci, the last man of Hollywood Renaissance

Look at these pictures carefully to Da Vinci ... Leonardo da Vinci, who in his time he painted the action hero in two films of Hollywood, who fights supernatural forces and saves to turn Europe into the Dark Ages.

It is somehow fitting for him described as the last man who not only created the Renaissance famous visions of war machines and human anatomy, but also painted a specific combination of the brain, which is going well and strong muscles.

After painting the "Mona Lisa" and "Vitruvian Man" this sketch came from the mind of a genius who was considered a handsome and charming man with his colleagues of the Renaissance. In a note referring to painting, the inventor has beautiful curly hair who stood up in the middle of his chest. Italian Giorgio Vasari Contemporary Da Vinci da Vinci describes as a man of strong, capable of everything, ready for a selection of today's Hollywood directors.

Perhaps the best power da Vinci was his keen sense of sight and imaginative vision, says Toby Lester, author of "Da Vinci's Ghost" (Free Press, 2012). Inventors notebooks containing drawings of all the amazing 3D human bodies in the wild engineering plans.

"He had an unusual ability to see things in a way that other people had not seen before," explains Lester. "Many of his anatomical drawings are quite specific, which we can see today only with MRIs and CAT scans.

Yahoo charges and leads to court Facebook

After trying to enter into negotiations to sign an accord for some licenses that appear to have been violated by Facebook, according to Yahoo, the first announcement of the web giants have already decided to sue social network blue, following the legal path.

As was announced in advance in the pages of The New York Times, in the center are 10 licenses (are numbers 6,907,566, 7,100,111, 7,668,861, 7,599,935, 7,269,590, 7,454,509, 5,983,227, 7,747,468 and 7,406,501) relating to advertising, personalization of websites, social networks and exchange messages.

Charges already been formulated before the San Jose federal court in California: Yahoo! reports that the other company's network and the internet have signed up for such technological licenses and therefore the company currently requires closure of Facebook and damages.

Rare phenomenon: South Aurora peak solar storm that hit the ground a few days

Most residents of the northern hemisphere are familiar with the northern lights - but a picture captured from the International Space Station last week shows that the 'southern lights' can be just as spectacular.

As activity on the surface of the sun broke out last week, broke aurora at both poles of the Earth - but astronaut Andre Kuipers of the space station, had a favorable view of the majority of photographers worldwide.

Kuipers, a talented photographer, the images captured by the Space Station using a Nikon D3S on March 10.
He said the lights in the sky erupted between Australia and Antarctica.
Photographers around the world photographed by Aurora sights Land caused by the same storm - caused by a wave of solar activity that hit Earth's magnetic field, though without causing serious damage.

'Spectacular aurora are a sign that shows that our planet is connected in order electroforming magnetic Sun. These display lights are caused by energy from the sun and driven by electrically charged particles caught in Earth's magnetic field, or magnetosphere, "says NASA

'High speed electrons come in contact with the Earth's upper atmosphere, transferring their energy in the molecules of nitrogen and oxygen and making them chemically' excited '.
As the gases return to their normal state, they liberate the small bursts of energy gained in the form of light.The light color reflects the type of molecules that liberate him, molecules and oxygen atoms tend to jeshiles, the white or red, while those of nitrogen going into blue or violet color.

Mysterious Min Min lights

It is a totally free spiegushem phenomenon, which occurs near a town named Boulet Austrialin to Queenslandit.

Often near this city vorrezave light show ng land arising climb skyward.

This phenomenon has started to look around 1912.Shume men of science, of religious or ordinary and were taken with the detailed study of the occurrence of phenomenal, but so far no tooltips already scientific hypotheses and real

Witnesses say the lights are similar to the headlights of a car moving at 200 km / ora.Madhësitë of them are often variable, ranging from a simple flashlight doretë up those car lights, or even larger as a watermelon.

One of the first documented descriptions for femomenin dating to 1941, when a stockbroker, traveling between cities and Warenda Boulet, noted that in the country who were graves Min Min, a kind of glow that came from a tomb began: it grew in size how much of a soccer ball, then flying in the sky disappearing into Boulet, like a torch in his long journey.

Unusual lights cause problems in local companies mbarshtrimit of cattle, how to scare animals, causing sudden panic reactions and physiological effects, such as the cessation of prodhimittë dairy cows. .

Even local writer Henry Lamond, from Walkabout, shows a long experience that happened in his childhood, when in 1912 a floating ball of light, color and quality unrealistic, flying in the sky, almost as spiritual entities.

They, continues the author, when the come out, were like a thin thread of light bulbs, in fading up mosqenie.Gjatë years science has tried to explain these extraordinary events:

Scientist Paul Deveraux suggests their origin as a small amount of internal energy that the Earth's crust caused by seismic earthquakes. Swine Persinger in 1986 suggested the hypothesis of a fusheelektromagnetike, which is reinforced by the presence of semiconductors in some minerals in the area.

Other solutions have been proposed but unlikely to be trusted, as a colony of birds was the brightest from Vietnam, pockets of gas in the ground that its fires, light reflected from the horizon, lightning, or 'lashes' smoke and gas from waste or organic fertilizers.

What remains unexplained is how these lights can move their movements shumëspecifike, or what kind of energy as fuel harxhojne.Dhe again those "lamps" with their performance continues to generate continuous discomfort in the lives of residents Queenslandit.

Councillor Simon Parkes: My mother was a green alien 3 meters long

British Councillor Simon Parkes has made this bizarre statement saying that his biological mother is an extraterrestrial.

Parkes has surprised all of his colleagues after the expression of what he believes he has found the alien for the first time when he was 8 months and that one of them told him telepatikisht that is his mother. "Two long green creatures came to me," he said. "I was aware of some movement in my head. I was looking straight at her face. She came into my mind through my eyes and sent a message out to the optic nerve in my brain. "

Parkes also insists that it is taken aboard an alien ship at age 11, but insists that his beliefs do not interfere at all in the work and his duties as advisor.

Councillor Simon Parkes, who was elected to represent Stakesby in Whitby Town Council last month, said though he had hundreds of meetings with extraterrestrial, this thing will not interfere with his mission to help the residents of the seaside town.

Become a mother at age 10

A 10-year-old Colombian has caused great excitement because it made ​​one more new mothers in the world. She was born a healthy girl. The girl, a member of the indigenous tribe, was 39 weeks pregnant when he underwent a caesarean section.

It was the first time Girl visiting a doctor about her pregnancy.

Reported that she arrived at hospital tearful, bleeding and severe pain from contractions.

Doctors decided to perform the difficult operation because of her age. Now as mothers and daughters are doing well.

Even though the police can investigate my dad having sex with minors, the country's Constitution guarantees equal autonomy for the indigenous tribe. It allows them to preserve sovereignty and cultural heritage. This includes having children at extremely young age. Some media speculate that the father of the girl is 15 years old, others say it is 30 years.

Director of Maternity expressed indignation. "It was to be playing with dolls, now cares for a baby. This is shocking, "he said.