Friday, May 4, 2012

Yahoo charges and leads to court Facebook

After trying to enter into negotiations to sign an accord for some licenses that appear to have been violated by Facebook, according to Yahoo, the first announcement of the web giants have already decided to sue social network blue, following the legal path.

As was announced in advance in the pages of The New York Times, in the center are 10 licenses (are numbers 6,907,566, 7,100,111, 7,668,861, 7,599,935, 7,269,590, 7,454,509, 5,983,227, 7,747,468 and 7,406,501) relating to advertising, personalization of websites, social networks and exchange messages.

Charges already been formulated before the San Jose federal court in California: Yahoo! reports that the other company's network and the internet have signed up for such technological licenses and therefore the company currently requires closure of Facebook and damages.

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