Saturday, May 5, 2012

Super Moon back again in 2012, on 5 May

If you missed it last year, Super Monday is back for an encore performance.

Saturday, 05/05/2012 Monday will be 14% higher and 30% brighter than other full moon of the year 2012, according to NASA.

This is because it will achieve "perigee", its point closest to the Earth in its elliptical orbit, at 10:34 PM, will be complete only one minute later. When the moon is in its orbital point closest to the Earth, Earth largjesia - Monday trimmed with some 50,000 kilometers. The expected effects are only some higher tides and amazing photographs.

It will be a wonderful sight if the weather continues to be good and open sky of clouds. The moon will appear with great and be bright when near the horizon.

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