Friday, May 4, 2012

Become a mother at age 10

A 10-year-old Colombian has caused great excitement because it made ​​one more new mothers in the world. She was born a healthy girl. The girl, a member of the indigenous tribe, was 39 weeks pregnant when he underwent a caesarean section.

It was the first time Girl visiting a doctor about her pregnancy.

Reported that she arrived at hospital tearful, bleeding and severe pain from contractions.

Doctors decided to perform the difficult operation because of her age. Now as mothers and daughters are doing well.

Even though the police can investigate my dad having sex with minors, the country's Constitution guarantees equal autonomy for the indigenous tribe. It allows them to preserve sovereignty and cultural heritage. This includes having children at extremely young age. Some media speculate that the father of the girl is 15 years old, others say it is 30 years.

Director of Maternity expressed indignation. "It was to be playing with dolls, now cares for a baby. This is shocking, "he said.

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