Friday, May 4, 2012

4-year-old 'genius' joins Mensa's

4-year-old Heidi Hankins, showed that only has an IQ slightly lower than that of Stephen Hawking.

At age 2 years Heidi was able to read books for children 7 years old, for this reason its staff in the kindergarten, decided to give it the test of IQ (intelligence odds), and was amazed when she showed it was able to solve everything that was in the test. "We have always thought that Heidi was smart because it had begun to read at a very early age," said her father. "I bring her a full set of books" Oxford Reading Tree ", and she read the entire series of 30 books for only an hour, when he was 2 years old." IQ score than the Heidi-t is 159.

Heidi Hankins declined to perform the test of intelligence, as her nursery school staff said she is so intelligent that it was difficult to find something that will challenge. Average score of the intelligence coefficient (IQ) for an adult is 100 and 130 for a gifted child, but extraordinary child has impressed the examiner with a number of intelligence 159.

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