Wednesday, May 2, 2012

There are fragments of a rare manuscript collected in an Egyptian mummy

Queensland Museum were found fragments of parchment with arare Egyptian script.
Archaeologists were looking for more than 100 years of theselegendary Egyptian fragments disappeared, the manuscript entitled"The Book of the Dead".During renovation work for the Museum of Brisbanes, a movementthat Egyptologists during a zombie noticed she was wrapped inpapyrus paper (parchment) that contain exactly the book "Book ofthe Dead".Many passages of this book are found in the British Museum inLondon, and others in the Metropolitan Museum in New York.
It is thought that this book had wrapped the body of a "formerofficial" senior Egyptian who lived 1420 years before Christ, who was mummified by gathering with parchment with the inscriptions of the book in question
Now with these new parts of the "Book of the Dead", perhaps by the end egyptologet can rebuild it in its entirety through a powerfulcomputer softwerve.

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