Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Amazing facts about Warren Buffett: 3-man of the world's richest

Warren purchased his first land at age 11 and is now remorsefulthat started too late.
He bought a small farm at age 14 with savings from work as anewspaper distributor.
He still lives in the same small house with 3 bedroom mid-townOmaha, which he bought after they were married 50 years ago. Hesays he needs everything in the house. His house has no wall orfence rethues.
He drives his own car everywhere you go and have no personalbodyguard or driver.
He never travels by private avoion, although the company with theworld's largest private charter-ave.
His company, Berkshire Hathaway, has 63 companies, he writesonly one letter each year for the chief executive of these companies,giving them goals of the year. He never holds meetings there and they are not calling them on a regular schedule.
Warren Buffett has given only two rules in his heads of companies:
Do not miss any of your shareholder's money
Remember never rregulin No.1
It is not associated with high class people. During his free time ashe lies back home eating pop corn and watching TV.
One of the richest in the world, Bill Gates, he met for the first timebefore 5 years. Thinking that he had nothing in common with WarrenBuffett, he planned the meeting only for half an hour. But when Gatesmet him, the meeting lasted about 10 hours and Bill Gates becamea devotee of his great.
Warren Buffett has no mobile phone or computer in hisrefreshments.
His advice for young people: Stay away from credit cards and investin yourself.
He has donated 31 billion dollars (85% of his wealth) to charity.

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