Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A painting discovered in a cave 40,000 years

The Australian continent, north of the country, unveiled a muralpainting inside a cave.
This painting was discovered by archaeologists who two years ago,but to define the parameters of age ekzkat, advertising makes itsfirst 10 days only.
Gabarnmung Niwarla Cave located in northern Australia's Arnhem.
"At first we thought it was a great ostrich," says archaeologist BenGunn, a founding member of the Australian Rock Art ResearchAssociation. "Paintings were not looked ostrich, but a Genyornis, abig bird, with thick legs and long sharp claws
He adds: "Either the painting is 40,000 years ago, when sciencehas meant that Genyornis disappeared, or he has lived much longerthan scientists have been able to figure out life time of this species.
According to anthropologist and paleontologist Peter Murray, one ofthe major differences is only today's horned body size. Genyorniswas great and used to feed fruit and possibly small animals.
The old bird paintings in the cave was equipped with large claws ofthe feet He was tall with a weight heavier than the current Australianostrich.

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