Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Code of Life

Andrija Puharich, who died in 1995, was a pioneer of research in the field of medical elettrobiologjise extrasensoret and study in the brain.
During his scientific career Dr. Puharich was a leader for fifty-six years in the U.S. associated with foreign collaborators for invention patents in the field of medical electronics, and we biokibernetiken neurophysiologjike He authored over fifty scientific papers.
During his life he was a member of the Academy of Sciences New York,. American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Association of Aerospace Medicine and the American Association for Psychology Humanistike.Eshte deal with some Tesla-wave studies, not hertizane (ELF), noting the great potential to harm people and environment.
During his life he has made some experiments on the influence of frequency in the daily life njerzore.Ja what results in his studies.
. At a frequency of 10.80 Hz to people, would have provoked a violent behavior, with 6.60 Hz frequency would cause depression to people
In further research it was found that the frequency of 3.5 Hz results in cancer formation, with frequency from 0.7 to 0.6 Hz causes ringing in the ears, give a sense of narrowing of the chest, increasing blood pressure, causes fatigue , and at frequencies from 8.60 to 9.80 Hz provoke feelings of sleep induction tingling
Instead of mixing frequencies between 17 Hz and 70 Hz cause harmful biological effects and very destructive to human brains.
Puharich in his text called the quantity 8 Hz as electronic phase change of speed-proton orbit
In other words, during the experiments, it was discovered that the quantity 8 Hz is able to penetrate the physical amount of energy in the brain (without causing damage), revealing "many dimensions vector" which means changes in space-time case. So amount of 8 herz emitted in human brain, is called .... The discovery of the code of life.
This discovery paves the way for further studies on the treatment of many diseases in the brain, which until now have been introduced in the folder "impossible" by medicine.

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