Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Looked like the biggest websites in the world in their infanc

1. Google

While the design of the company does not appear to have changed much in general, what has changed out most are the services andopportunities that this company offers. Created by StanfordUniversity PhD students Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Googleofficially launched on 4 September 1998. Appearance of the site wassimple because the founder did not know the HTML language andare looking for a design as simple.

Website of the publication of video-s that brought hits like "Charlie bitmy finger" and "Sneezing Panda" was published for the first time in2005 as the empty site and saw no means videos uploaded byusers. The first video page was uploaded by one of the founders,Jawed Karim, entitled "In at the Zoo". Is a video of 19 seconds is displayed founder himself in a garden at San Diego Zoo.

Facebook - or whether to say, Thefacebook, was created by MarkZuckerberg in February 2004. As seen in the photo, was the first siteavailable only to students of Harvard University. Page now containsmore than 800 million users from around the world. Original designthere were also a face in its upper part, a digitized image of actor AlPacino.

Page Yahoo also has been the result of a dysheje from StanfordUniversity, Jerry Yang and David Filo. Site in March 1995 was named as the first navigational guide to the Internet. The originaldesign had a place for research and some links to other Internetsites, but soon turned into a glowing portal and personalized news.

This design very difficult to be known, was the first concept of itsco-founder Jack Dorsey, in July 2006. he presented "Twttr" inspired by Flirck and SMS shortcode. Although the design has changed six times in the last five years, this thing has not stopped users who aremore than 100 million.


Published in August 2003 as a competitor of Friendster, MySpaceThe original design was pretty mild. When MySpace became famousduring the 2005 - 2008, News Corp. social rjetin bought for 580million dollars. Although the title as the former visited page on the web, MySpace has drastically dropped recently. This site has beenrecently sold a company slogan and Justin Timberlake for 35 milliondollars.

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