Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All U.S. presidents, but one, are cousins ​​of the English king JohnLackland, and this data has revealed interesting girls 12 - year bythe U.S., which has studied the names and genealogical trees.
Historians have so far managed to connect with King Lackland only22 presidents
"All presidents, except one, are descendants of John Lacklandit"Any d'Avignon Bridge said the U.S. local media.
In this conclusion she reached by studying over half a million names.It has started with George Washington, and without this continuedwith the study of genealogical trees, both from the male, as is thefeminine of that family.
"Mildred Reid is the grandmother of George Washington and thefirst generation of 10-to ancestral Barack Obama," said 12-year-olddaughter.
Before its discovery, historians have managed to tie the tree only 22U.S. presidents and for this reason her father is very proud of herdiscovery she has managed to overcome some of the besthistorians in the world.

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