Friday, May 4, 2012

Stormberger Matthias, the man who accurately predicted two world wars, when the third will happen?

Who was actually Matthias Stormberger a poor peasant born on September 16, 1753 in Rabenstein in Bavaria? And why in 1943, the Nazis burned all his manuscripts? It is true that he has accurately predicted with a disturbing World War, Great Depression and World War II?

What they failed to tell us his manuscripts prophetic for our time?

Who was actually just Stormberger maybe we will never know: it is known only that he was born in Bavaria and the Nazis during World War II, in 1943, burned nearly all his manuscripts, he had predicted the decline of immediate Adolf Hitler.

However, some fragments of his prophecies have come to us even though incomplete.
The farmer had accurately predicted the astonishing World War: when it will end "iron road" will start a war that will last two times in two years, then four years.

But what was the "iron road"? Of course the railway between Kalteneck and Deggendorf, exactly where Matthias lived, and was inaugurated on August 1, 1914, on the same day that Germany declared war on Russia.
His prophecy went even further: after the great war, he predicts "great depression", which culminated with the collapse of U.S. stock market.

In fact, Bavarian peasant predicted that soon after the war will come a time when money would be worthless, while some gold may have been purchased a farm.

But Matthias is another prophecy, and that bothers him: he predicted that two or three decades after the first conflict would have another worst: that all nations will be involved and many people will be killed without being soldiers . Will also fall "fires from above" and many cities will be destroyed.

If you remember the countless victims of World War II, mostly civilians, due to the bombing, or millions of Jews who perished in concentration camps, and, not least, two Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by two nuclear bombs, we can definitely say that Stormberger was right, even the details of the transition period from one conflict to another.

Few fragments of his prophecies have come to us, despite Nazi attempts to destroy them, they still talk about the fate that awaits mankind.

This time talking about "a universal fire" that the farmer himself describes as a third, which means it will include a general, universal, which correspond exactly a third conflict.

The farmer has used the words "major fire" and "universal". Many argue that the term "universal" would show something that will come from outside the universe, ie, a phenomenon astrophysics, or, some argue, a "contact" with the reality of alien (aliens).

But, more stable hypothesis, considering the words of a conflict Matthias third largest fire can understand "multiple causes combined": consent of war, disintegration of humanity generated by many causes, but all by man, not excluding those of natural disasters provoked by man.

Farmer stated that in one day more people die than in previous conflicts (World War I and II), and that this "war" will be fought with "weapons of hell": the terrifying and deadly.
And when will this happen? A last prediction relates to the world by Maya on December 21, 2102. Stormberger says in his manuscripts:

"You, my children will not know the great trouble, and you, my grandchildren, but others will recognize this experience."

At first glance it seems he is referring to a future third generation, taking as its starting point the children and then his grandchildren, however, some scholars have pointed out that, in fact, even his grandchildren have seen two world wars, it should be a starting point counting another three generations.

May be starting end of World War II? Maybe yes, three generations, starting from the middle of last century, the period may be that between 2010 and 2030.
And today there are many "rumors" that the war is undeniable, highly regarded current friction between the West and Islam, between Israel and Iran, the current economic turmoil, political and policy after 11 September 2001.

But if anyone thinks Bavarian farmer errs in this prophecy: Other fragments have come to us in connection with major disasters due to careless use of the planet from man.

Read verbatim:
"The nations of the planet will face disaster alert. Those who know and know of the great catastrophe will be silenced. "
Think global warming, melting glaciers, pollution, etc ...

Scholars say that this shepherd probably refers to the fact that those who know these disasters today are forced to remain silent, perhaps to serve national interests or international lobbies.

But Stormberger also talks about other realities, such as Catholicism, where trust disappears: the commandments of God will be trampled and killed Papa.
Here is the famous analogy of years ago about the proliferation of the third secret of Fatima and the assassination attempt against John Paul II, and news of the plots, typical of today, about Benedict XVI.

Bavarian farmer says his manuscripts from something that even he can not determine sees people fall like flies, the disease without any rescue. However, in his prophecy, he says that few will escape by hiding in will be those who would hide under the iron and stone.

With this last statement was referring perhaps antinukleare shelters constructed primarily of reinforced concrete (stone and iron) and steel?
And a strange disease may be the effect of atomic radiation, or infections caused by germ warfare?

What is certain is that Matthias has spoken clearly, and above all the "fear" would be the last.
Unfortunately the Nazis in 1943 destroyed most of his manuscripts, those who have come to us are only fragments, but are decisive.

And if you think you were amazing prophecies of the two conflicts provided with extraordinary precision of detail, including the Great Depression in the interval between them, and forecast that the destruction will come from above, "when people will fly like birds "(planes and bombing), certainly has to believe that the rest of the prophecies can be fulfilled at any moment.


  1. Many things will happen and July will see the Boat begin to rock the bear still be silent but far off Land will see the rising of The sun" Begin to cast its shadow on the Hills, and another War begins before the Blood Moons Only then will the Bear move with the speed and no one will breath with Fright before the comet Comes September October and before the (28th) The War will come but not for long ,it will End because the sun will shine with a Dragons breath before she becomes Cold, and Lifeless Mountains will come alive and molten rocks fly though the Air Rivers of Larva turn the Sea Red, the Land will open in many places much more than the War Could have Done, the Dust will cover all the Land that is Left and the Ones that are Left so few will see" only in 2017 will the New Land be Settled new friends will come to help and rebuild a new faith which will be born from time before we was Born, only then Can we travel the Stars and see the wonders our new DNA will come to Life and we will be able to move from our Bodies but not for Long as we Learn our new Gift, so much wonders to come so few to see, the war which is to come is a war of Old Scores, each one as a score to Settle with Each Other before the Land is laid to Rest
    the Bear will be Killed by its own People and a new bear Comes the Eagle will Fall but will be Reborn from Ashes of the Fallen, 3 Years of Famine and plagues and Cold will reduce the numbers even more, Israel will strike before the moon, turkey will call for Help, Russia will strike before it is Answered, Only then will the USA see it was Blind but to late it was meant to be Europe and England will become Waste Land Paris Rome France will burn within, Black cloth will come with the Bear The Dragon and the Bear will Deceive each other before the End Comes

  2. Well, Paul Gilbert's "prophecy" turned out to be bull shit.