Friday, May 4, 2012

Communication with dead people?

Is it possible that people who have died from contact with the world of spirits are still people alive via electronic means of communication? Can you contact them through a simple phone?

Can a person very dear to us as dead to contact us by phone to tell us a last farewell, or to warn us about something that could happen to us?

However you can look incredible and unimaginable, this phenomenon is not an unusual phenomenon and occurs, and often. This phenomenon usually occurs about 24-48 hours after someone has died. However, for this is not a fixed rule as there are many of those persons who have confirmed they have received call from a beloved person died many years after the latter had died.

These strange calls are almost always filled with heavy static and almost always dead callers voice seems distant, just as if coming from a very far distance.

Infinitely more people have accepted that they have received calls that seemed to come from a person close to dead or dead by a friend. These calls usually occur only once or twice and always are short calls and short messages.

For some people, these calls can be very intimidating, but for most people these calls are a source of reassurance and to help them to feel better and find the strength to continue further with their lives.

Very often, when we take such a call, the person who gets this call at first did not realize that the person with whom he is speaking, is a person who has died, and thinks it is talking to a person who is alive .

Many people have reported they have received calls from people who had not ever known MEYRA direct their lives, but had given an urgent message to be sent to a person even he knew the deceased well .

In fact, these kinds of calls are rare, but not extremely rare.

Recipients of these calls usually say that the voice on the other side of the phone seems strange in a way almost mechanical or unrealistic.

In most cases when people asked for these phone calls that have received these calls indicate that otherwise fall off the phone from falling as usual. Ring tone would be different or rings would be short by as was usual.

Considering that paranormal investigators use many types of electronic equipment to detect activities of souls, it would seem that the spirits are really able to reach to communicate through electronic means, then there is absolutely amazing and incredible that the souls of our people loved one who fled from life and able to use the phone as a tool to create a contact between their world and our world.

If all these are true, then maybe one day we will have the opportunity to develop specific equipment built to allow communication with the spirit world using only mobile technology and raising them in a totally new level and with developed.

This thing will not only enable people can communicate with their loved ones away from life, but will also prove that we continue to live in a way even after the physical death of the body occurs.

Maybe this will help us to see life after death from a new viewpoint and will dismiss fear and uncertainty from the process of frightening and unavoidable.

So how come that time when all this could happen, or at least manage to find out what happen and how in fact these calls, calls that come from dead people will still remain that what are now; a mystery.

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