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The sad story of human demon, the man who challenged death

Few characters are as demon dog as Efimoviç Grigori Rasputin Russian priest. The truth is that since the year 1906 when he arrived in St Petersburg and up to 1916, the year when he was killed, he had it all, fame, power, money, influence, political relations, love, friends and enemies.

For supporters of the kingdom he was the cause of the failure of the royal family, opposition political parties of the regime felt that his figure symbolized the final blow to the kingdom and looked at the amount of violations and deficiencies of the kingdom.

The church was a lucky adventurer that his falsehood and hilete had successfully established a power stage that made him dangerous to orthodox ecclesiastical hierarchy.

Local officials, the military feared and despised. For ordinary people was a lucky rascal who hated the performance of his life and the discovery of his amateur exploits.

Who was Rasputin really.? Who was his life until it arrives in St. Petersburg in 1906 and who was the size of its power in later years until his death?

Rasputin was a monk who liked to dance in the Roma camps, where do orgy, and lights the fires mingled with the Roma klithjet. Had an extraordinary power as you stay in this feast of orgies 4 days without sleep just drinks, dancing and sex. Had blue eyes that light hipnotizonin with a devil. Was a man of average height with a complex of weakness. His personal magnetism was paperballueshem.Kurre in his life was not left. His body was an era that immediately identify bnte of his presence.

Eating with hands, which healed with a touch. His magnetism make women of any age and rank fell at his feet from getting what he wanted dashuria.Rasputin power thanks to its visibility. Women, sex, money and violence alike mingled in his life that the priest had discussed fetare.Nuk Healing abilities. There Bema around him for this and no doubt.

Sometimes we meet scientific and logical advice that I give him hemofiline Careshes for her son, when you seek help during crises Alexie (The Tsar's son). Grinding the Tsar had no doubt that "her dear friend," was God sent to save the race of the Romanov from the dangers within and outside Russia.

Among his girlfriend Princess of Montenegro and Anastasies Militza, known in search wizard and shenjtve that Rasputin managed to create the image and prestige as a prophet healing.
On October 15, 1906 Nikolai II and his family took in Tsarkoie Selo palace, accompanied by Anna Vyrubova, accompany and loyal dame careshes.

Personal blow that caused siberiani reached up there that as Tsar wrote in his diary, "Today I njojtur a man of God" This "man of God" had begun to exercise his powers when he was a teenager, to treat horses in his village of birth. was a regular visiting monasteries and churches and felt a special admiration for all those people calling people holy.

Rapid death of his brother and a little later and his mother left him two wounds deep grooves that made ultimately choose the path of the church. Within ortodhoksise his strong temperament made to accede to klisty sect.

Rasputin married a woman 4 years higher than lose femijne veten.Ne first marriage. Desperate and with major problems in the church because he belonged to the sect klisty, decided to make a pilgrimage to holy places like Jerusalem and Mount Athos, visiting monasteries and assemblies.

Three years later returned. At this time there is another one. Visiting monasteries and holy places, and although it is illiterate to speak as a very knowledgeable man. Surprised his superiors and decided to recommend the higher spheres. Realizes the first trip in St Petersburg in 1903.
But we can not change his habits. I liked the holidays - above all the Roma-music festivals, wine. Had more success with women of high society.

Alexandra was adhurusja Caresha and his son after her rescue. Rasputin used the desires and his orders were made. He became known in a range of ministers, and though there was no military title. Filluashin things and become black to the czar.

Rasputin in the center of his fans

A political revolution which occurred proposed base and created a kind of popular congress called the Duma. Tsar is limitoheshin his skills in this Congress, these were the first signs of collapse of the regime have been carist.Si this little place was riperfshi in the First World War. Tsar, who was not a man of arms, decided to put toward his hosts as the Supreme Head. It's good that you did escape pressure that everyday people began to take its freedom more in the Duma.

One time I went to war czar's power remained careshes, which practically meant power in the hands of much controversy because Rasputin.Pati nobility can not accept the unlimited power of the "Anti Christ" as quanin.Ne this time the attack was planned First a trip abroad tij.Ne against St. Petersburg in a rural grabs the knife and has a drive deep in the stomach and began to shout, "I killed the anti-Christ", but enjoyed before kohe.Dhe though with a terrible wound from which flowed more blood, Rasputin took a tree and hit his wife and left unconscious.

It seemed like a random incident but it was confirmed that the peasant woman got a good fee to do so gje.Ai continued his journey day by connecting with clothes wound to prevent bleeding. And the cured wound several days later when he returned to St. Petersburg.

Then more than ever began to speak of a "pact with the Devil". Having spent the Rasputin assassination, using his predictive powers of the Tsar in war writes: "I feel you will die sooner than January 1 .... if will fall by exactly the plebejet and my brothers the Russian peasants, not afraid of nothing .... thy throne shall blade 100 years and thy son will be the next Tsar of Russia.

But IF killers are noble, my blood will show up in their hands for 25 years. Must leave Russia, brothers will squabble with each - other, hatred will divide families and the country will remain without nobility and kingdom ... ". I said these words here and whose careshes stressed that his kingdom after killing her will not endure 6 months.

Among the knights who planned his murder was the prince Yussopov. Njhej of the love everyone had for Rasputin Yussopovit wife, the princess Irina. Based on this fact said to invite to a party at the home of princit.Data was 29 December 1916. Rasputin refused to come on holiday, having only one goal in the head to make for themselves the princess.

It was midnight when we reached the palace. It was addressed to a salon on the pretext that he was first invited to have ardhur.Ne reality had no other guests. There Rasputin met by drinking a glass of wine and eating sweets without knowing that they drink and sweets such as cyanide to kill almost menjehere.Komplotistet rub your hands in another salon. Expected more than half an hour and Prince sat in the lounge Yussopov convinced that Rasputin was dead.

His shock was great when he saw him safely again seeking summer. The prince gave orders to sustainable poverty summer and climbed up the tmeruar being informed that "Rasputin was immortal because neither poison had no effect on him." Between knights began a panic moment. Purishkeviç Duke was the first to react.
- Go and kill him - said the prince Yussopov.

And Prince for the second time down in the saloon where Rasputin and the gene was still drinking wine. Rasputin eyes were the brightest and the magnetic force as ever.

- It seems that they should say something - he said when they met the eyes of the prince.
Prince trembled from head to foot, and said - Look at that wall Rasputin - Rasputin turns his head and prince of horror fall with the revolver three times in the body. Rasputin falls on the floor at first glance the dead.

Conspirators were able to celebrate victory. Quickly summoned a doctor to prove the death of mad monk - is clinically dead - but the doctor said, song of victory was the speed again. Nobles, while the doctor left the palace, decided to make an alcoholic orgy in the lounge together with corpse. Expected until 3 o'clock in the morning, an hour in which thought of throwing body in the river Neva.

How noble can react when they saw that Rasputin was up from the floor totally bloodied but alive. Everyone here gave running, only Yusoopov remained paralyzed by fear .... Rasputin while walking until harrinte to a military uniform model to be held. Then the prince ran stairs screaming while chasing Rasputin began laughing and bleeding with hands raised as a witch.

Prince closed the door of the hall where he struck his hands like claws Rasputin Devil. Other nobles came to the rescue of their mate and unbalanced Rasputinin of goditur.Rasputin falls in the square after a blow to the head of Purishkeviç. There was enough to have alerted the two soldiers but that the grate broke all the bones of the corpse supozures.

Then it got to gjakosurin the shed and dragged away to the river to be dumped. But discovered that Rasputin still breathing. "This man can not die" began to whisper among themselves superior ushtaret.Vetem their presence makes to overcome the horror. Opened a rift in the ice of the river and there the monk entered. His body was found after two days. Was found with one arm out of the wound together with fingers to form a gesture of blessing

Rasputin was buried with all honors by Caresha pangushellueshme Alexandra was felt. Bad luck began to fall on the nobility and the royal house after his death. Everything happened as he had predikuar.Revolucioni eliminated the Tsar's family in October 1917, the nobles were killed by mobs. The few who survived with their departure from Russia is not nothing confirmed only that the preaching of a monk, who can not die, he left a curse upon them .... "Nobility will disappear from Russia"

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