Thursday, May 3, 2012

South Korean protesters: Lady Gaga is 'very homosexual and pornographic'

'Little monster', Lady Gaga fans were unlucky early in the week when her concert "Born This Way Ball" became a concert just for adults.

According to the BBC, a group of young believers held a rally outside the Olympic Stadium in South Korea, before the singer preformances. Activists in Seoul have been protesting for a week in connection with the concert, calling the music and the 26-year-old preformancen as 'shameful' and with the potential to 'break' the young. One of these organizations has called her concert as 'very homosexual and pornographic'. Rev. Yoon Jung-hoon, who organized the group said it "will take all measures to boycott Hyundai Card (one of the sponsors of the Lady Gaga concert) to eradicate this kind of culture of shame. "

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