Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Men spend more than women

This is the result of a British study. Almost all countries of the world increased spending on men's body and facial treatments. The only differences lie in the preparation of luggage: women fill more than men.

Men? Narcizistë are real. No chance that women spend more to buy their cosmetic products, although with the exception of any case exceed half the time that their girlfriends and wives spend money statement. Confirmation for this new trend comes from a British study carried out recently. A survey conducted by a food Integrator enterprise, a group of youths from 18 to 35 years, has shown how British men spend an average of £ 11.72 per week (a figure equal to 14 euros) to buy lotions and products hair: viz. a pound more than women. One in five of them regularly use Hydrating Cream, while 1 in 20 regularly uses hair piastrën.

Everywhere the same

"The difference between the two sexes are always cut more. Today young men feel more up to the mark by investing time and money on their lukun compared with previous generations, "lamented a leading company that has done this study. But, do you think women are just English that have to fight with men to occupy a relevant piece of mirror in the bathroom or to purchase any magic cream for wrinkles. Even in other European countries, males are more sensitive to this argument. Thus, a study of Italian men showed that they mainly spend 250 million euros a year for specific cosmetic products, as told by experts how will this sector is thought to be a major development in the coming years.

But this is not the only tendency of the male sex. It also reduced the time that men devote entertainment, preferring to devote more time cure the body and proper nutrition. Compared with women, but according to the study, men are more difficult to choose their cosmetic products and to frequently targeted for specialists. This is not a weak sex who knows what they need and what not. In short, it is better for men than dermatologist doctor shoppers in store in terms of choice of products.


In the classification made in four European countries, noticed some few differences: thus, in the first place position themselves English, but only in terms of hype. As in other sectors, even elegant, it perfumes, women ranked Spanish. According to a research called "Perfumes and cosmetics in Europe" conducted by Mintel, British women have spent on make-up in last year an average of 52 euros per person against 46 of the Frenchmen. But the study, it appears that Great Britain has spent a figure about half a billion euros a year for cosmetic products, while in France and Germany spending revolves around figures 1 billion 200 million. Spain ranked last, with only 600 million euros.

But although anglezet spend more on hype, Spaniards and Spaniards have invested around 42 euros per person in perfumes, water, eau de cologne and after-Shave about 8 euros more than the French and the French. Apparently, the perfume is one of the strongest weapons to make for himself or his wife, friend in Spain. In fact, according to this research, the Spanish women (about 96 percent) use perfume and a perfume of the three throws more than once a day. France, which is always considered the "homeland" of cosmetics, according to "Mintel", holds first place in terms of overall expenditure in this sector, not only for products and paint, but also creams, alcoholic products and the hygiene , followed by Great Britain and Germany.

And aesthetic surgery centers

In 2008, according to a study conducted in several European countries, it was found that men buy up to seven different between products for face and body creams (women buy up to ten products) with a consumption equal to 30 percent of and a total annual turnover of 10 million euros. The same research also noted an increase in the number of visitors on the aesthetic centers, with about 40 percent of clients consisting of men. Therefore remain there even after aesthetic surgery with more than 84 thousand operations by meshkujt.Diferenca in suitcase

But if men threatening to pass record-holding women for cosmetic products, there are stereotypes that endure for decades, as women need time to evenings out (almost double compared with men) or clothes that go in the suitcase for t 'was taken away on vacation (even though there never worn).

Even in this case, confirmation comes from another British search. This time out '', made in two thousand women: the average time needed to get ready for an appointment is 52 minutes for women and 29 for men, while in terms of clothes in the suitcase , the situation is even worse. Nine in ten women such that they would never use all the things that take away and home often forget important items like (sun lotions, toothpaste or glasses), which subsequently need to buy the land where they .

If not enough, two weeks vacation a male entered the luggage a quarter of the interior of a woman (2 per cent prefer to do it bags to avoid being stressed), while for the same period a holiday in five female acknowledges that takes away at least 5 pairs of shoes

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