Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Plant that is able to fight drug addiction

This is the Tabernanthe iboga plant, source of a hallucinogen called ibogaine element that seems to cause the Symptom reduction and elimination of dependence on heroin, cocaine and alcohol.

Ibogaine is a psychoactive alkaloid that is derived from the underground part of the African plants. In recent years there has been more and more ibogaines ability to handle both dependencies, drug and alcohol addiction.

Two scientific studies and some anecdotal reports spread in various countries, suggest that a single quantity ibogaines has the ability to remove symptoms of drug dependence and to reduce the quantity of their consumption for a period of time after receipt. Additionally, the psychoactive alkaloids helps users to understand and contrast the use of drugs by improving their behavior.

The question now is what the reason is not used en masse?

For 15 years, life was ruled by Naidoo Thillen cocaine. He grew up in a small town in South Africa, which fell under the drug. After numerous vicissitudes experienced as an addict, he met a doctor Anëar Jeewa social center in his hometown. The doctor offered a radical solution, hallucinogenic drug used in tribal ceremonies in Central Africa. New drugs gave him a few hours stay in bed. Felt that the room was turned upside down and heard noises in the ears that we do not actually exist.

Hallucinations during the night ended, but what I discovered some days later, was that the addict does not feel the need to consume cocaine, a drug with more severe dependence and more difficult to quit. Six months later the addict to clean.

Now he attends a group therapy twice a week, which teaches how to achieve a life without drugs.

The doctor who saved estimates that about a thousand people treated with ibogaine has and has had success, but conventional medicine still does not recognize this method. Ibogaina is generally used as hallucinogenic drugs in some African tribes since antiquity, but in 1962, a young heroin addict discovered the miracle of this plant. The addict, the addict to drink ibogainën further, but when its effect was overshadowed, discovered the other hand, lack the incentive to take drugs again.

Having saved himself, devoted his life discoverer ibogainës proliferation as a treatment.

Despite this, ibogaina was banned in the U.S. along with LSD in the year 1967. But in many countries remains unlicensed. In the Netherlands has opened a clinic since the 1980s and who uses this drug to combat drugs and such clinics are opening in Canada, Mexico and South Africa.

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