Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some strange errors to Microsoft

A. An Indian has discovered that in Windows operating systems is not possible to create a folder (files) named "Con". Try to open a new folder and place the name: "Con" (without quotes).

2. For those that use the Windows system.

* Open Notepad (Blocco note) 2. Write these words: "Bush HID the facts" (without quotes) 3. Make the "Save" this file with a name you want. * Open this file once again you did "Save". Will you emerge something incredible!

3. This reveals a Brazilian

* Open Microsoft Office Word * Write the word "= rand (200, 99)" (without quotes) * Press "Enter" (Invio).

4. Try this with the word:

Type in capitals Q33 NY (flight number was the first plane hit the twin towers)

Select and Change the font size 48.

Shndrojeni actual writing in WINGDINGS and out to find what it is!

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