Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The color of the oceans and hurricane development

In a new study says that changing the color of the oceans, strongly affects the development and movement of hurricanes.Moreover, global warming is changing the color of the ocean and so it helps to determine who will godisi land hurricane, tornado and who will break up without reaching destructive force ..Guided by Anand Gnanadesikan oceanography, the group is conducting computer simulation studies, to see connections that ocean color and stronger hurricanes in the tropical North Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific, known as Tornado."The group develops climate models, to make them as realistic terrain," said Gnanadesikan, the Geophysical Laboratory of the U.S. in Princeton New Jersey. One way to make more realistic models is to look more closely at the variability of ocean color.In the North Pacific the dominant color is green, thanks to an abundance of meklorofil plants, called phytoplankton.By absorption of the rays of the sun, floating plants help keep the ocean surface has relatively less phytoplankton ngrohtë.Kur, concentrates the sun's heat in the deeper layers of the oceanClear waters of the oceans causing stronger hurricanes less than those that have surface phytoplankton, as a result of heating the deeper layers of water oqeanike.Në their climate model, researchers have reduced plankton in the North of pacifist currents,end a spiral that army in a whole ocean."Models are very clear, and increase the idea that strong yet how this factor affects the oceanic climate," said Gnanadesikan, whose study will be published in future in the magazine Geophizical Research LiteratureTropical cyclones tend to form along the equator, the warm surface waters of the tropics, then they move northward or southward in subtropic.In the Pacific Northwest in general and Kinen.Stuhitë cyclones hit Japan just can not continue to surface without hot water to empower ato.Me a clear ocean water in the north, are likely to include Cyclone equator and hit the Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand."This was a breakthrough," I was really quite surprised. "Said Anand GnanadesikanNëtë future of his team's goal is to use satellite data to track ongoing changes in ocean color, and to see if there is a real connection to the world that green tropical water, with cyclones.

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