Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Human race discovered a previously unknown

May belong to a new human species, mysterious fossilized remainsof prehistoric humans were discovered in two caves in southwest China. Dated to between 14.500 and 11,500 years ago, and thishumanoid race would have looked unusual, a real mix of modernhuman anatomical features and the primitive.
The discovery, which can write a new page in the history of human evolution, and 'published in the journal Plos One by a group of researchers led by University Australian New South Wales, Sydney.
"New Man" is found in China, is a mystery to experts, who all care in the classification of fossils, have before them an unusual mosaic ofanatomical features of the modern primitive till. The truth is that fossils might belong to a hitherto unknown species, which surviveduntil the end of the Ice Age 11,000 years ago, "says study co-ordinator, Darren Curnoe. "Either they are fossil - he added - may represent an ancient group of incompetent unknown who emigratedfrom Africa.
However, he notes, "there is no doubt that the" discovery opens anew chapter in the history of human evolution in Asia, and we have just begun to write for this new race. "

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