Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What is a Mega-Tsunami

A mega-tsunami is a very scary concept and unfortunately, is a real possibility that has occurred several times within the last 200,000 years.Also may occur again in the future, and some experts believe that we are currently sitting on a time bomb. A mega-tsunami is basically a tsunami, which has a wave height, hundreds or even thousands of feet!Normally, a tsunami that is created in the sea there is a small elevation of the tide in several meters or more. Also they have a longer wavelength, in miles. However, the length and height of tsunami waves are typically specific until it comes close to shore, after which the height increases drastically, which promotes tsunami basis of water column to go uphill, as a result of friction with the surface forces of shallow water.Mega-tsunamet, however, are defined as true, thanks to high giant waves. All accounts of the mega-tsunameve in history, are dependable. A large number of factors could cause mega-tsunamis, giant slide as land to ocean islands including collapse, giant underwater earthquakes and asteroid collision at sea and oceans.No boats, buildings, or the inhabited center can not survive being hit by a mega tsunami. Some studies have tried to place at least eleven mega-tsunamesh the last 200,000 years, some of which are caused by the collapse (explosion) of the islands, both in Hawaii and the Canary Islands, and an earthquake in Alaska.In fact, the largest recorded tsunami in recent history was in Lituya Bay, Alaska on July 9, 1958. It was caused by a strong earthquake in the Fairweather Fault, which effectively loose about 30 million to 40 million cubic meters of rock. These rocks were diving down into the water from a height of 3,000 meters. Of course, this mass movement within the ocean rock generated a mega-tsunami that destroyed a local big coast line.Wave that reached the shore, was about 1720 feet high (or 516 m)!There were three fishing boats out on the water that day. A ship was destroyed and the crew on board perished. The other two boats on the water and they stayed on board miraculously survived.Mega-tsunami will occur in the future? Some experts believe that there are very few places on earth, such as Veija Cumbre volcano (Canary Islands), which can explode, sending a giant mass of lava rock in the sea.In fact, there are some who believe that this volcano (along with others throughout the world) have been delayed for an explosion. So a huge tsunami will be issued towards the Atlantic Ocean wave speed up to 500 mph (800 km / hour) and an altitude above 500 meters.! But the tsunami of 11 March 2011 compared with those expected to occur, was in miniature.

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