Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What hand, what express and hide hands ...?

Through hands touch the world and give it shape. Hands and brushing can beat, reconcile and hurtful. They express our feelings and our intellect are tools. Aristotle himself since he understood feature of the hands, when qualify as instruments of all tools.
The first means that people have used to understand others have been hands. Traffic sent through gestures. And then came the words.
Dora taught to speak. Once our ancestors began to show up with items and then to attach sounds. Index finger gave their name items.
Even now after 40 000 years arrimë still understand the language of the hands. Following on from generation to generation, this general language of the earliest signs of the times people left the store, everyone understands it, even if they speak Chinese, Russian, German, Albanian and English.
Through hands learn to count people. Ten system you have in your hands. If you see the real intention of twelve counting system would be more practical, since this number is likely to split into three or four parts complete, the day has twelve hours, just as the night.
As the year is divided into 12 months. But one has to use only ten fingers. Therefore, celebrates anniversaries of ten, centennial or millennial. Scientists have discovered that animals can count to three.
Hand made man what is sot.Pra ancient mystery is the human hand and hides many other things that do not know how so strongly influenced the evolution njerzor.Ishte hand it was brought "in the Koran and the Bible be" in the form of its written.
Through the hands of their signs, their spells witch stisin black or bardha.Me our hands we send people to another world without us 'trembling' hand.
Masterpieces hand is composed of 27 bones and 36 joints. No hand is like another, nor to the left and right. The likelihood that two people have the same fingerprints are one in a billion. Not even the njëvezësh twins have the same trace ....!!?
To understand the human hand in the country need more than what the brain needs a rest for the body being her captor. So great is this place as put in place commensurate with other bodies should have been huge hands.
Man has managed to build machines that are more intelligent than himself. But scientists have not yet reached to create a machine that is the lady to do the same action that makes our hands ..... In the future perhaps, but not with the perfection that is living hand ....

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