Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tribe that lives off the concept of time

We all in our modern era are awarded and after the time fixed. Talk about events that occur early, late, on time or not at the right time. It is in fact obsessed mankind has always been in antiquity.
But in the modern era feel more present and palpable. Thus, it would be inconceivable to think that on this planet divided into time zones and the people who live under its tiktakun have a population who has no idea what is time, time, or what it means to live and work under its pressure.
It is an entire tribe living in the Amazon and that no linguistic structure that makes time and space together in the concept that exists in the world like for example they can not understand what they togfjalëshin: "Working at night". So that includes the time and place action. A study was done to this family and "deficiency" of his has shown that the tribe Amondawa events flowing one after another and the time as a concept does not exist.
In fact, everything may seem contradictory and incomprehensible and would need further studies to really understand how it is possible that these people, that this tribe live without the concept of time. Another puzzle is whether this feature, so that the deficiency of the concept of time or not have other languages ​​of the Amazon.
Amondawa tribe was first contacted by the world's "civilized" in 1986 and now scientists from the University of Portsmothit have begun to analyze the notion of time in such a way that it appears in the language of this tribe.
"We do not say that these are people who do not have time" to the concept of their lives, "says a professor of psychology at the university language. According to him, the people of this tribe speak of events and sequences of events, but what is not understood is that they have the notion of time divided by the events that occur, therefore have no notion of the events happening within a linear and conditioned by time.
People already do not refer to either their age, but have different names for different moments of their lives, because through these changes and they change their status in the society in which they belong.
But what is most impressive is the suggestion of scientists who study the issue with the connection that exists between the concept of not spending time in a certain space. Ideas such as "past" or "the future" that are very common and articulated in most languages ​​of the world form the basis of what is known as "planning assumptions". But the tribe Amondawa such a thing exists.However, some scientists say this does not mean they do not have the cognitive skills that are usually people in connection with certain events at certain times and places.
When the people of this tribe begin to learn Portuguese, something that is happening more and more often they have no trouble to learn the words "time" and those associated with the concept of time and space. Starting from such a fact scientists have come up with the idea that maybe this "deficiency" is because in these tribes there exists the so-called "technology" of the time, so they do not know nor have neither clocks calendars.
But that argument failed to convince Pierre Pica, a theoretical linguist focused on his studies in a language known as Amazon mundurucu language.
According to him, the study shows very interesting data, but argues in a very simple non-existence of long term and above all his relatës the term space. Small companies as it Amondawes tribe tend to use absolute terms for spatial relations.
For example, they refer to the location of a river well known by all in a very simple and no redundant predictors that could be for example "the shore". Those inhabitants of this tribe has become part of modern life that already require their language and "deficiencies" studied her well, before it is too late, then be gone before what is happening with great speed Because of the aging population and youth drain from the old lands.

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