Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Revealed the site of Stonehenge stones making

Revealed the exact place of origin of the stones of Stonehenge or otherwise megalithiket called "magic" in Amesbury, located 250 kilometers away from Stonehenge and the mysterious temple that is perhaps the oldest astronomical observatory in Europe, World Heritage Site since 1986.

For the first circle of Stonehenge was built 5000 years ago the stone that came from the south west of Wales, hundreds of miles away. The discovery was made by geologists Robert Ixer University of Leicester and Richard Bevins National Museum of Wales, who have identified a site near Pont Saeson, in Pembrokeshire, as the exact source of some of the stones of Stonehenge that knowledge.

This is the first time that specifies the origin of some of the stones used for construction of Stonehenge, with this level of precision. The discovery will help archaeologists to determine the outcome of a debate that continues for some time: on the stones were extracted and transported by humans in prehistoric times, or if they are transported to Wiltshire by a glacier hundreds of thousands of years ago .

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