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Celtic Cross, the instrument that helped the ancient navigational and Construction

Celtic Cross, which is a symbol of the ancient and holy, by which most of mankind is known, seems to be a representation of an ancient instrument that is used by our ancestors since Neolithic times.

I believe this was what the ancient Egyptians and Phoeniciansit studimim used in their buildings and to navigate the oceans of the world.

Despite the discovery of cocaine in some Egyptian mummies, which has been argued, in August of 2010, and academic circles, it was impossible for them, have appreciated that Phoeniciansit not have crossed the Atlantic in prehistory, due to the inability of them to navigate.

For "Heyderhal scotched" the concept that their ships were incompetent in their sailing expeditions, I am ready to chop down their final argument, proving that they might have been able and have sailed with this instrument, then the Celtic cross

The discovery came in the winter of 1997, when I was trying to figure out what would the ancient Egyptians used to study the great pyramid complex at Giza. All buildings, even old ones, necessarily require observation and study before starting work.

Cheops Pyramid incredible and the Giza pyramid complex's, which seems to embody the mathematical value of PI, should be studied accurately, as all similar constructions, including stone circles as in Stonehenge, Avebury and Callanish in Scotland. Callanish is more than 5000 years old and was built in the shape of a Celtic cross - proof that this knowledge dates back to the Egyptian Pyramids.

Through intensive experiments and unstoppable, with a firm faith in the intelligence of our ancestors and a total refusal to believe that there were little green aliens disenjuesit the pyramids, but I discovered that the only suitable instrument that can have been used by the architect, instead of a teodoliti, was a derivative of the cross, by adding a brace.

This instrument is very simple, but complex, has the potential to measure angles and persuasions with an accuracy of 1 minute at 1/60 of an angle, depending on the size of the instrument used. This is an exceptional accuracy of what appears to be just two pieces of wood, a ladder and a seal. One of the most interesting capabilities, but the dark of the Cross, is its ability to take measures sidereal.

With my experience as a qualified applicant's Yachtmaster, I turned my experimentation to discover whether the ancient sailors could find marine latitude and longitude cross. Experiments carried out, have confirmed that at that time, crops can find their own position anywhere on Earth within 3 nautical miles, with a device held in hand.

This discovery may help to prove that it was possible for sailors such as Phoenikiansit, who have conducted regular trade contacts with the U.S., in pre Columbian times. It also may explain the mysterious ability navigative Polynesians. This discovery also helps support the theory pioneers intercontinental travel in antiquity, such as those carried Thor Heyderhal Ngai, Kon Tiki Room and Ra expeditions.

I still went on to found that this instrument was probably the basis of geometry, mathematics, ancient astronomy, making maps. I am convinced that this instrument is used in combination with detailed knowledge of astronomy and monthly positions yjesise to determine eclipses.

Ancient travelers were able to measure distances shorter length and have hours of sand used in glass, in connection with local time between observatories (such as stone or wood at low altitude) and time of the ancient world, Based on 0 meridian at Giza.

I also believe that the stone circles like Stonehenge, etc., are used to keep time and in fact they were the largest astronomical centers where large blocks of stone were placed in concentric circles (Stonehenge) hour day representing basic positions of the sun, as and based on the placement of planets percaktonin zodiac throughout the year.

Ley lines, a term in ancient and modern navigation, were used to throwing position, or course, of a country, in connection with another country. This term has been misinterpreted by magic or magnetic concepts of modern cults. This fact is related to astronomical research and manuals can be found on modern cruise.

Ley lines from Cape Verde Islands to the Caribbean Antilles, avoid the Sargasso Sea, which is exactly 17 degrees north. To find this line need to use a tool that measures the bending of a star or sun in Azimut. I believe that this instrument has performed this function in those periods was the ancient Celtic Cross with a perpendicular holder.

I also believe that the guitars, used in the 13th century, was an inferior instrument, because it was unable to sidereal measurements. I further believe that the Celtic Cross and methods of use thereof, is one of the greatest treasures, find tamplar famous horsemen, in their excavations at the Temple of Solomon, during kryqëzatave.Vertetohet that this discovery led to a style new architecture and building great cathedrals of Europe, starting with that of France's Chartres.

Might have been a huge fraud that has shaken confidence in the human past millennium, in Spain, by Christopher COLOMBI that with his expeditions led eventually to the destruction of Indian civilizations quotes. There is evidence that the Templars, with whom Columbus was connected, have traveled to America two hundred years before the official discovery, using the Celtic cross as an instrument of navigation.

Templar archivist William St. Claire has already argued in Roslyn Chapel in Scotland for journeys and expeditions carried out in America before Columbus. The fact that the instrument actually work, can be demonstrated that fulfills a universal role in many functions, and this fact is justified my theory. What is really amazing, is that nobody has discovered in modern times this lost knowledge. Messages in stone, wood, metals and art has been around for thousands of years, in full view of humanity

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