Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A world without ice,earth like the age of Paleocenit?

At the end of Paleocenit epookes that Earth was much warmer than today and without ice. 56 million years ago a mysterious increase in amount of atmospheric carbon caused temperature increase CE. And in that era life changed forever. It could happen again?
Johnny Issaluk Inuit, a researcher of terrestrial ages, shows a photo of a swamp of South Carolina, involved in a land of ice island today (Baffin Island, located near the Arctic Circle) will look like 56 million years ago when summer water temperatures in North Pole reached 23 degrees Celsius.
At the end of Paleocenit era, the Earth was much warmer than today and was free of sea akull.Niveli was higher, almost 70 meters in comparison with that of today and America was still not united with the mainland parts-after they were much smaller due to the coverage of water.

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