Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Think Like Man" up in first place with 33 million dollars

The film "Think Like Man" and "The Lucky One" to finally have managed to topple the country's first "The Hunger Games" after his immediate success, in terms of assessment in income.
The film "Think Like Man" based on the book with record sales of the Author Steve Harvey, an advice book for meetings and the startof a maredhenjeje in pairs, is valued at 33 million dollars astaggering figure sticking it in the first place. This is almost doubleof what its producers had expected at first.
Drama "The Lucky One" by Warner Bros., an adaptation of theNicholas Sparks romance noveles, finished second with a value of28.8 million dollars. This also turned out filem initial projections."Think Like Man" was produced for 13 million dollars and tookalmost the same benefits only on Friday, a figure that was improvedfollowing days.
So far for the year 2012 revenues were 3.1 billion dollars, almost16% more than last year, according to
3D version of James Cameron's Titanic, added 5 million dollarsbringing the total earnings for all time staggering figure of 653 billiondollars.
According to report lists the films that have collectedmore revenue is as follows:
"Think Like a Man​​," 33 million dollars.
"The Lucky One," 22.8 million dollars ($ 3.8 million internationally).
"The Hunger Games," 14.5 million dollars ($ 13 millioninternationally).
"Chimpanzee," 10.2 million dollars.
"The Three Stooges," 9.2 million dollars.
"The Cabin in the Woods," 7.8 million dollars ($ 3.3 millioninternationally).
"American Reunion," 5.2 million dollars ($ 9.5 millioninternationally).
"Titanic" in 3-D, 5 million dollars ($ 34.3 million internationally).
"21 Jump Street," 4.6 million dollars ($ 3.1 million internationally).
"Mirror Mirror," 4.1 million dollars ($ 5.8 million internationally).

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