Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our origins, extraterrestrial beings

Aliens are here on earth. We are alien beings on the planet. Scientists have found evidence that supports the theory that part of our DNA come from the depths of space.

People have discovered part of the DNA in meteorites that in 1960, but scientists had to be sure whether the material came from space or was simply a contamination by terrestrial life. For the first time, we have evidence that parts of DNA are created in space.

The news comes from Dr. Michael Callahan, a researcher at NASA. He is director of studies published on the work of the national academy of science in America.

Adenine and guanine team found in carbon-rich meteorites that came from space. These two components are two of the four bases that form recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Two others are cytosine and thymine. Together the four ingredients are the basis of life on earth and probably in other places in the universe.

The research team concluded that two bases were not contaminated by life on earth, since they were created in a non-biological chemical process.

According to the study, provided support to the theory that a "kit" with the finished piece, created in space, is sent to earth by meteorites, and has lead to the creation of life. The discovery implies that blocks of life, willing, are distributed throughout the universe and may have created life on other planets also.

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