Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mystery faces Belmezit

In the year 1971 in the small Spanish village Belmez, Maria Pereiraclaimed that without a face to appear spontaneously in the wall ofher house.

Before long, when she shattered the wall, and built anothermysterious face appeared again. With Mary universe constantlywipe, they again appeared to attract more and more guests in her home. Some were male, some female, long dias and other short, people do not reshtnin that coming to visit there. It was precisely thistime when she discovered that the house was built in 1830 used aRoman cemetery from Muslim Spain and later by the Christianmedieval period.

A painted by Maria Pereira own face?

If so, she never benefited financially from visits to her home, shewent on a humble life and died in 2004.

People passionate about the paranormal explain that this faceappeared on the first floor of the house through telekinesis, theyshow that the face will not change your state of mind of Mary.

Natyrsht, scientists found and analyzed the painting, to shpjegjuarmolecular movements, and think that may have trukime in thisphenomenon.

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