Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mysterious statues of Buddha's in Afghanistan

Closed to foreigners for centuries, Afghanistan was opened for the first time in 1931, so as to allow a National Geographic scientificexpedition to carry out some observations and photography.

Using appropriate vehicles for difficult road, the expedition was the first to head a vehicle crossing from the Mediterranean to the YellowSea.

When the group arrived in Bamian Valley of Afghanistan's stunning,head of National Geographic expedition, Maynard Owen Williamstook a big camera and made his first color picture of two giantBuddhist statues VI century located on rocky cavities.Afghan archaelogist Zemaryali Tarzi was angry when the Talibangovernment in 2001 destroyed two statues. So he began searchingfor the statue of the third: the sleeping Buddha of Bamian's buried,that according to ancient texts, it is about 305 longer.

So far he has found a snippet of similar small sculpture in a nearbyhouse but continues his research on the largest sculpture.

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