Wednesday, May 2, 2012

End of the World? Here are some factors that may favor

Many of us believe the ancient Mayan predictions that doomsday will come on December 21, 2012. Based on these projections, scientists have built several scenarios that could bring the end of the world.

Eruption of volcanoes

Scientists say that is more likely that a major volcanic eruptiondestroy the world, rather than a major earthquake, despite the greatdamage caused in recent years with the movement of platetektonike.Shkencëtarët claim that volcano in Yellowstone National Park will was sufficient for destruction of all North America.

Two and a half million yearsthe volcano has destroyed a good part of the continentand if repeated would be consequenceskatastrofike.Para volcanic eruptions 65 million years dinosaurs havedisappearedwhile volcanoes are formed in volcanic terrain greaterin area of India and Siberia.
Asteroids hitting the earth
A different scenario for the end of the world associated withasteroids. Asteroid that fell in the space of today's Mexico is partlyresponsible for the extinction of dinosaurs 65 million before thescientists vjetësh.Lajmërimi asteroid Apophis has more than two per cent chance of falling to earth in 2029, has scared many peoplerevived old fears of collisions of celestial bodies that would destroythe surface of our planet and everything on it.

NASA has announced strikes some smaller asteroids that will causeminimal damage, and according to their estimates, will mainly end up in oceans.

A lgae change the system of feeding 
One of the biggest problems for the planet can produce algae thatlive on the surfaces of lakes, rivers and oceans. These live microbesthat produce energy by itself, but with algae genetic changes may change the feeding system and begin to eat food that is needed forother types of animals and plants.

Also, you can choose to eat salt, and then begin to emit toxic chlorinewhich can destroy all living species of water surfaces and the time to destroy all drinking water.

Changes in orbit
Changes that may arise in the way of movement of planets around the sun also can destroy the earth. Great planet Jupiter is composed of gases and as such can destroy much smaller orbit of Mercury, which would cause the Mercury to face the sun, to melt and produce a smaller explosion. But, if the mercury loses its trajectory it cancontend with the land, which would cause the end of our planet.

Solar death
Scientists predict that for a billion years the sun will emit 10% more powerful than now. Additional energy will roil our planet at 93 degree centigrade. The oceans will evaporate and begin to disappear, whilethe climate will change completely in less than a month.

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