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Cing 5000 year book or book of changes

It is one of the oldest Chinese texts and one of the most important books of the world philology. The roots of the philosophy of Lao Ce found within this text. His influence was important not only in philosophy but also in political science. Cing has thought of 5000 years old. Still is not knowing who is the offender.
It is said that teaching the book originally was performed by the emperor Fu Si. About the year 1150 before the birth of Christ, King Wen and his son carefully studied Cou of initial and ongoing instruction added some comments.
Cing was originally a collection of lines of police and each one had its own significance and meaning. For example, the shackle line (-) would say yes, while dividing lines (-) NO. Over time all these marks (stripes) were combined among themselves and were created pairs.
Was added later and the next line and so was created eight Trevi considered as a reflection of every phenomenon that occurs in Heaven and Earth. In Chinese language called Pa Kua trevijat eight, and eight related to natural forms, namely Heaven, earth, lightning, wood, water, moon, fire, sun and Montenegro, as well as with members of a family that consists of the Father, the mother, three boys and three girls.
Sign trevijat eight changes of both and combine the two resulting 64 gjashtëvijave forms. They represent 64 situations in which man may face in life. These situations are as equally subjective and objective, that describe the psychological attitude of man and our environment that is at a given moment.
Such situations usually contain the element of change, so one can pass from one situation to another, by following a few tips that are provided through the Book of Changes. I cing consists of four parts.In the first part, given 64 gjashtëvijat. In the second part, commented gjashtëvijat. In the third section, commenting on each line of gjashtëvijave. While in the fourth, including comments, objections, and goals of Regulation cing
Central ideas of this section are:
The essence of the universe is in constant motion. Phenomena resulting from this movement are subject to constant change.
This essentially occurs in the visible world through the opposite and complementary elements.
Advances are cyclic universe. All tend to revert to the point from which began.
Good and evil are relative.
For an act to be good. Must follow the laws of the universe.
Eight trevijat are: Cien Father Sky, Mother Kun Force, Land, son of Cen Order, Lightning, Sun Girl Movement I, Wood, son Kun II, Water-Moon Lee's daughter Risk II, Fire-sun Light III Tui girl, Joy's son Ken III, Mali, calm.
In any trevijë continuous lines - are male character (yang), while the lines of division - the one feminine (yin). Jin-Young represents additional opposites of the universe. Reflects the perfect balance of two major forces of the universe. It is a perfect symbol which in reality is only one, and when displayed in the world becomes double.
In any trevijë, its top line connects with the brain, the second and last soul in the body. That line connects each one of those elements that make up the composition of what we call man. Few said that if the above link trevijat eight members of a family will analogojnë to father, mother, three boys and three girls, namely 4 males and 4 females.
This proves that the male element exists in the same proportion with the feminine. We note also that the father and mother heads, male and female respectively symbolized by the three-beam lines and three dividing lines respectively. While each of the children followed by unifying and dividing lines, which means that constitute the intermediate situations, feminine and masculine characteristics simultaneously.
Intermediate situations in which there are the children symbolizes the situation in which the modern man, who refers to overcome. So we live in and lack EXAGGERATION situation. In order to avoid the two and achieve harmony, one must operate correctly.
Act means the right to follow the path of the center, to act according to the brain, to perform your duty, to vetësakrifikosh, giving without expecting to be rewarded. Act Right is the only way to help man progresohet and justly execute his role as a man. As is known Buddha came to light when he discovered these truths:
Pain is inevitable
The cause of pain is that one believes in the truth illusory.
Eliminating pain will come when through the Fair Act will give more importance immortal soul than the body that one day will melt.
Eliminating pain Zag accomplished by pursuing the following:
Perceptions of Privacy - Kun = is the stage from which we get knowledge, experience and begin to become more aware, thus entering the path of progress to improve themselves. Our role is passive, accepting things have not yet started to give. Therefore associated with the feminine element, where one of its features is acceptability.
Right Decisions - Cen = At ​​this stage we begin to apply what we learned. Theory becomes practice, it seems the bottom line as ripërmenda that is the line that represents the body.
Right speech - Kan = At ​​this stage begin to convey our knowledge to others. Love for our people to teach us what we know.
Upright posture - Tui = Here we are at the beginning of understanding papërqëndrimit and changing world we live. Is the stage where the teaching of the wise men need us / wise, those who know more than us.
Means of Livelihood Rights - Ken = As indicated by the upper line is the stage when we find them mentioned above teachings. Our world of knowledge is already developed.
Right effort - Li = Already at this stage we identify theory and practice, our actions are a reflection of our ideas. Well here we keep the right Act.
Right concentration - Cien = complete harmony between the body - the soul and brain.

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